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The Whole Brain Game™'s not what you think but how you think it™ is an award winning game recommended for ages 11 and up, for 2 or more players, as teams or individuals.

Players engage in fast-paced free-word association in a frenzy to name or describe as many characteristics or answers that are applicable to one of eight categories before their time runs out.

The Whole Package

This fun fast-paced, interactive game challenges the mind, can be crazy, creates outbursts of creativity and causes the player to think out of the box. Great for families, parties, schools and anyone that dares to think differently. Game play challenges the players to take unlike words or situations and create similarities, as one playing example. It causes the players to spontaneously think and shout out responses to the questions rapidly. The transition from every day thinking to out of the box thinking becomes apparent to all as the answers are rapidly fired to beat the clock. Observed play in focus groups had complete strangers laughing uncontrollably together as the questions, answers and play progressed. The Whole Brain Game™ is mentally and intellectually stimulating, educational and fun all at the same time.

Right brain activity is stimulated as players generate ideas, use their imaginations, and work out patterns and relationships. At the same time, the left brain quickly structures responses using language, logic, sequences and detail. Players spontaneously think and shout out responses to questions from eight alternating categories. The outcome is a fun, fast-paced interactive mental beat the clock.

Object of the game:

The winner is the first player or team to reach the highest point total by responding at least once in each of the eight categories after reaching at least 80 accumulated points. All players have an equal number of turns.

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How To Play

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